Munib Nawaz at Karachi Fashion Week 2013 Collection

Munib Nawaz KFW 2013 CollectionPakistani designer Munib Nawaz showcased a collection at the Karachi Fashion Week 2013 called Renegades of the Funk. The collection played a quirk on a very serious matter facing our society today. The silhouettes and the finishes of the garments were left distressed to show the affects of sociopolitical forces in our everyday life.

The idea was to bring attention to the subject matter of war, whether fought internally or extrinsically have only left behind devastation and dismay. Munib Nawaz’s aim was to show a collection that showed the paradox we face. To fight against or to fight for something we believe in.

For Munib Nawaz Renegades of The Funk collection Pakistani singer Shehzad Roy walked on ramp as show stopper at Karachi Fashion Week 2013.

Munib Nawaz Collection 2013 included Kurtas with digital prints and military details, Slim seam cargo pants for the renegade gent, Double breasted distressed cotton blazers, Military printed shirts, Leather jackets and Militia skirts.